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Fit People Are Better in Bed!

16 Abril, 2015

Élecas! Quem é que encomendou isto!?!?
Eu não fui! Mas já que falam no assunto, deixo-vos com 16 motivos pelos quais a PopSugar acha que SOMOS bons na cama. Ups! Não foi eu que disse… mas… Será que é verdade? Reconhecem estas proezas? Assumem estes atributos between-the-sheets? A ver vamos… a ver vamos…
Já disse que a explicação é em Gif’s!?? Eheheheheheh! To cute!

1 -They know all about reps, so round two is no problem. Round three, anyone?

2 – They’re flexible, which is ALWAYS a bonus in bed. Want to gain flexibility? Try this sex-ercise!

3 – If they can last an hour at CrossFit, they’ll definitely last in the sack.

4 – They’re nice to look at.

5 – You won’t be stuck in missionary every time — stamina means mixing things up! Unless it was leg day, of course.

6- If they can run 26.2 miles without stopping, just think of the possibilities in the bedroom. You’re about to embark on a whole different type of marathon.

7- They know how tough it is to maintain a hot bod, so they’ll appreciate yours even more.

8 – They’re competitive, which can lead to some very sexy bedtime games.

9 – They’re seriously strong, which means fun stuff like shower sex

10 – Toned muscles = scientifically better orgasms. Seriously. “Improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity,” said physiologist Franci Cohen.

11 – They’ve got no problem being sweaty . . .

12 – Instead of ordering pizza to satisfy break-time munchies, they’ll have healthy food on hand.

13 – You’ll never get stuck doing all the work. Teamwork for win.

14 – Looking good increases self-esteem, which means confidence during in-your-pants parties.

15 – They won’t let you sleep through your workout the morning after. Get ready to do the walk of shame all the way to Spin class.

16 – They’re used to encouraging fellow gym-goers, so they’ll definitely be vocal when you do your thing. Bring on the compliments, baby!



  1. Janeiro em Paris

    17 Abril, 2015 at 8:45 Responder

    Ahahah brutal!

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