Give Sarcasm a Chance

16 Dezembro, 2014
Wasted Rita é um talento português que já é um marco lá fora. Para quem gosta de design art e uma forma diferente de ver o mundo, vale a pena passar pelo seu blog Wasted Rita is Not Bored e ficar a conhecer melhor este talento que transcende as frontaeirasnacionais.

É assim que ela se apresenta:
Born – 1988, Porto, PT. Graphic designer and illustrator based in Lisbon born with a natural tendency to provoke, using sarcasm as a weapon and the power of full-time thinking to write about the most common things of all possible things: life and human beings, the inbetweeners, and the all arounders.
Creator and responsible for the blog ‘Rita Bored’, that achieved a huge internet visibility for its sense of humor and honest hand lettered statements. Her work has been featured in countless art & graphic design websites, several magazines and a few books, and exhibited worldwide ever since.


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